Monday, May 13, 2013

So-when are the nappy patterns for sale?

  Yes. Those nappy patterns. The ones I was digitising to sell, for personal and business use. The ones I started to work on two years ago. The ones that still aren’t available.

  They are still coming. The last two years have been anything but restful and conducive to sitting and typing and learning obscure new skills. I have gotten the patterns onto my computer, and drawn up in a very impressive and professional-looking way. Which, for me, who always fights with the computer, was a major achievement!

  I have taken the step-by-step photographs for the cover, pocket and trifold (AIO and Easyflat are still to be done). I only managed to do this by getting up at 5.30am four days a week for about a month in Tasmania, and cramming in an hour of photography and editing before the kids woke up.


  I now have the task of getting it all put together in a way that looks pretty and makes sense. I have started this, and i’m suspecting that (like everything else) it will take many more hours that I first expected. I have a tendency to underestimate the difficulty of nearly everything. I thought i’d outgrow it, and learn some realism, but i’m nearly thirty now………..


  And then they will be ready for testing, and editing, and more testing, and then-release! I’m not making any promises on a time-frame, as things like children breaking their legs always seem to get in the way of my carefully-laid plans, but they will be done. Eventually.

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