About Pepper Place

Pepper Place is dedicated to supplying you with products you will find addictive for all the right reasons. With a focus on one-size designs and meshing practicality with good looks I aim to supply users with products that will become your good-looking 'workhorse' nappies-the ones you will use over and over again, that will constantly meet and exceed your standards of performance and remain. There's lots of colourful prints and luscious fabrics to show-off, but as an exceedingly practical person I don't make much frippery, hence the lack of ruffled, appliqued, 'works of art' nappies!
I have been making cloth nappies for my own five children since early 2006, and selling them since 2007. I originally sold under the brand EcoStars, however was in need of a rebrand with all of the other 'eco' businesses sprouting around me, it's not a good thing when your business name becomes something you're embarrassed of! In 2009 I was accepted into the NEIS scheme and my business was reborn as Pepper Place.  And here I am today, still going strong-the benefits of planning :P

About Me
Pepper Place is pretty much just me, Kelly, although my husband helps out with cutting and snapping when needed. I design and make all Pepper products right here in South Australia, and being a supporter of relocalisation try to source as many of my supplies from within Australia as I can.

I have five children whose ages range from 8 to 3, and we homeschool, so they're with me virtually all the time. I have a noisy, hectic, busy but extremely fun house! Apart from making nappies, I sew a lot of kids clothes, tie-dye, am a mad-keen food gardener with an obsession for odd plants, a bit of a chook fancier and enjoy the challenge of creating something from nothing, whether it be new clothes from op-shopped blankets, worm farms from fridges or art from nature.
Hope you enjoy,


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