Thursday, November 4, 2010

How to sew a welt pocket opening

These look impressively complicated, but once you see how it’s done they’re easy as can be. Trust me on this one.

All pictures can be clicked on and viewed full size for more detail if needed. This is definitely a method more suited to non-fraying fabrics, such as the suedecloth used here, due to the extremely small amount of fabric left around the seam where the opening is cut.

You’ll need the inner of your nappy cut out, plus a rectangle. My rectangle here measures 18x6cm, for a night nappy-increase the 1st measurement if someone in the family has massive hands, decrease it for a day nappy.

welt pocket1

You’ll need the centre of it horizontally, so mark it with chalk/vanishing marker etc. This line is where the actual opening will be cut, so position it where you’d like it.

welt pocket2 

Fold the top and bottom of the rectangle down to the marked centre and pin to the inner-make sure the top and bottom meet snugly. No gaps!

welt pocket3

Now it’s time to sew. Using a short straight stitch (2-3), stitch a couple of millimetres away from where the edges butt against each other. When you reach the end of the rectangle take your stitching just off the rectangle and onto the inner only.

welt pocket4

So you should have a nice rectangle enclosing the join in the centre. Clearer now?

welt pocket5

Detail of the edges.

welt pocket6

Now take some sharp pointy scissors or another suitable implement and cut carefully along the middle, not cutting the stitching anywhere but getting very close at either end.

welt pocket7

Tuck the top flap into the slit you’ve cut.

welt pocket8

Fold the bottom flap up-magic! Pin it down at either end, making sure you smooth it flat.

welt pocket9

Using a close zig-zag stitch sew down the edge of the exposed flap. When you reach the bottom of the flap switch to a straight stitch and sew to the bottom of the flap underneath. This keeps it all tucked down nicely.

welt pocket10

And you now have a totally awesome pocket opening, hopefully much better colour coordinated than the above one! Finish your nappy and admire your handiwork.

welt pocket11


Liz said...

Kelly, what a great tutorial - you have inspired me to try one of these on my next creation! Thanks :)

Vic said...

I'm completely befuddled after reading that, but it has nothing to do with your awesome tutorial! (Just my lack of sewing skills!) Completely in awe of your wonderfulness now! xx
ps I can't wait to place an order!!!

Kelly said...

Liz, i'd love a link if you decide to show it off :)

You'll see Vic, you'll be doing stuff like this and thinking nothing of it soon!


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