Thursday, November 4, 2010

Pocket opening, V2

Pockets are now a little different to the original sham-style opening. Even though i’ve had absolutely zero complaints about that style of opening i’ve been finding it leading to pre-purchase hesitation. Lots of people seem to look at it and see it as a poo catcher! So now a new style has been through the testers and thoroughly approved-a welt style opening.DSCF6373 This style has a larger overlap so hasn’t been subject to the same concerns. It’s still plenty wide enough for a big hand with a chunky booster (no escaping stuffing duty, husbands!) Standard positioning for the opening is at the rear, however a front opening was also preferred by some-if you would prefer a front opening i’m happy to make them for you, it’s no difference in work for me. The only negative is that it is slightly harder to un-stuff, but the consensus was it is easier to un-stuff than nappies where the opening is elasticised.

I’ll update the product information here when time allows me, however all new Pepper Pockets will be made in this style from now on. Enjoy!

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