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Hi, Just thought, now that you're back, :-), I'd let you know that the nappies you made for Kit are now just perishing after at least 2 yrs to 2.5 yrs of constant wearing and washing, as in basically every 2nd day and going throught the dryer regularly. Bobbi's using them full on, and hers are all good too. The bamboo is what is perishing after all this time, not the PUL. Kit is 3 next Friday and Bobs is 21 mnths now.

Tammy, QLD

Hi Kelly,

Well our boy is a month old already! I just wanted to give you our feedback from the last 4 weeks...

The bamboo trifolds are even more absorbant than I'd hoped. He doesn't seem to get upset or wake up from a wet nappy like some people had warned about "cloth nappies". They are easy to fold (thanks for the instructions, we are using the angel-wing fold) and put on. Snappies grab OK, just takes getting used to a technique.

The covers are so well-made and designed and we love the colours and styles! We've had less than a handful of side leakages (poo), mostly due to poor technique on our part.

Re Wipes- I like the velvety-backed wipes the best, they're the softest.

Anyway, we love the nappies, you do a great job and I'm always telling everyone about them. I ended up giving your card to the home-visiting midwife, she was totally impressed. Ethan has the luckiest bum in town!

Jacqui, QLD


Haven’t had a chance to tell you that I love the nappy.  I wanted to test it out with the inserts I have for my other nappies as I have a few and it works really well it’s so cute and very slim fitting.
Nat, QLD


Received it yesterday - absolutely love it! Gorgeous print, no leaks, what more could you want in a nappy.


Also just wanted to say that your service has been great!

I have mentioned you to a few friends so you may even get some more custom orders!! :)
Nyssa, QLD


Lil Man in his Pepper Pocket!! We LOVE it!! So trim and a great fit!!
Monica, QLD


I'm loving my nappy covers. They are the best I've ever seen! Thanks a million Kelly!
Marlana, QLD


I absolutely love the pocket nappies you have made for my daughter, Amelia. You do such a neat job and the fabrics are really funky. Sure beats changing disposables any day! I looked into making my own, but honestly 'why bother?!' Your nappies are affordable and just gorgeous. Thanks so much, I have emailed my second order already!!

Oh forgot to tell you Kelly... my hubby Pete really likes your nappies too. My gosh, didn't realise this was so important! If the nappies are too complicated to do up or add the inserts in... change times will end up a Mother's only job! Pete likes the simplicity of the trifolds and helped me clip up the right size ready to use!! Well done!

 Katrina, QLD

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