Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Children’s Day

As part of events during Children’s Week childrensweek.com.au, i’ll be having a display at Children’s Day.

This is being held on Thursday the 29th of October from 9am-12pm, in Queens Park, Maryborough. And it’s free! It’s all about informing you of local services and groups, and each one will be hosting an activity. There’s heaps of fun stuff to do! I’ll have a treasure hunt through wheat boxes, which has been a long-time favourite with my five-as i’m the only person there for my stall I definitely wasn’t choosing anything messy and high-maintenance. There will also be the mini-steam trains running, with rides available for a small fee (I think $1.00?).

And hopefully this time i’ll remember to take some happy snaps-so you can all see my event attendances aren’t all imaginary!

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