Friday, October 15, 2010

What should I call them?

There’s a competition for this-you win two of them if you can come up with a catchy name for them. I’ve been calling them preflats, but it’s boring and probably taken. I’m sure you can do better than that, my creativity doesn’t stretch to naming anything well. Pepper bamboo flats What are they?
Well, they’re sort of like a prefold, in that they’re smaller than a flat/square nappy. But they don’t have an extra layer sewn down the centre-this means they are effectively a one-size as you can fold them any way. Use them in prefold-style folds with a Snappi for a newborn, and in the pad fold or as a pocket stuffer for a toddler. Much easier to use than a flat, and very trim, especially with a Pepper OSFM PUL cover. Make an affordable and versatile stash by using Pepper OSFM Pockets as covers until your child is big enough to use these as a stuffer at around 8-10kgs.
DSCF6231 My 14.5kg, 22 month old wriggler-the only not blurry shot I could get
With one layer of heavyweight bamboo/organic cotton fleece, and one layer of soft bamboo/organic cotton terry they’re extremely absorbent and luxuriously soft. And they’re also an economical way to go.
Without any advertising i’ve already sold 83-they’ve obviously satisfied a need in my local community!
So, how to enter? Leave your idea in the Name the ??? thread in the Discussions tab on my Facebook page. Please use that option as first choice, but if you really don’t have a FB account and don’t want one leave your idea as a comment here and i’ll transfer it over-but make sure I can contact you easily.
Be creative, be relevant and be original! I’ll see how many I get before deciding-if only a couple i’ll pick one, if there’s lots and I can’t choose i’ll ask for votes. Now get brainstorming!

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