Friday, May 10, 2013

Settled, but still setting up-and an apology for the last two years

  Well. We are in a gorgeous farmhouse, in beautiful northern NSW, and for the first time in about three years I can start to believe that we’ll stay here, in the area we’re in, for a long time.


   Our loose ends have been tidied up, everything that needed to be done has been done, and we can start looking at the present, not the future.

   Two years ago we took off for nine months of travelling, and since then we’ve lived in three different houses in three different states. My husband has studied full-time, i’ve studied full-time, we’ve renovated and sold a house, and then of course there’s three interstate moves. All done while home educating five children under ten.

Which leads to the apology for my scattered-ness regarding Pepper Place over the past two years. All i’ve had time to do is attend to the orders that have dribbled in via word of mouth, and go to a handful of markets. Of course, i’ve made sure that everything i’ve made has been impeccable, and endeavoured to provide excellent customer service, but the rest of it is sadly neglected. I have people emailing to ask whether my patterns are ready for them to buy yet (since I mentioned I was writing them up over two years ago), i’m selling new products at markets that haven’t had more than a quick mention online, like my tie-dye, and to an outsider my online presence must look like absolute chaos. Which reflects my life up until now, really!

  Now i’ve finally got the chance to start fixing it all up. I’m not ready to reopen yet, as i’m still setting up my new house and life, but i’m starting to feel the urge to get everything in order. Slowly but steadily, i’ll be oiling up the organised, smoothly-running machine that was Pepper Place back in Queensland, 2011, before it got rusty and bits started to fall off.

  AND……………I may even finish the patterns sometime this decade! I’ll update specifically about those next. Right now, I have a box of nappies to unpack and put into something more secure than a cardboard box-I tend to have nightmares about unpacking $2000 worth of stock to find it’s been used as a rodent nest and is now worthless.

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Deanne Langford said...

Hi Kelly
Glad you have arrived here!
Looking forward to meeting you f2f soon.
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