Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sale time-and travelling again

  The travel bug has bitten again, everything is going into storage again, and us and our trusty tent are about to become well acquainted again! So yes, that means closing for a time-at least three months. That will start this Friday at noon. So until then, i'm reducing everthing I have in stock by 20%. The only catch is that it must be finished, I simply don't have the time to make anything up over the next month. And as I don't have an online store with fancy stock control, you'll have to order and cross your fingers that the fabric available has been magically turned into the nappy of your choice!

So check out the albums, choose some fabrics and let me know! Product info is here if you need to know more.

PS-See me on My Green Nappy? First for 2013!

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