Tuesday, May 28, 2013

DIY Procion Dye Kits

  If you’ve ever imagined yourself turning all of your boring plain clothing and linen into bright and happy rainbows, this is the perfect starter pack for you!

Procion Starter Dye Kit

  All the dye to you need to create dozens of unique items! Procion fibre-reactive dyes can be used for tie-dye and other direct dyeing as well as tub dyeing. It is most suited for use on cellulose fabrics (eg cotton, bamboo) but can also be used on wool, silk, and even wood. It can be thickened and used to print or paint-you’re only limited by your imagination.

procion dye tie dye starter kit

Contains 10g of each of eight colours-yellow, orange, red, pink, purple, blue, green and brown. 80g of dye is enough to dye approximately 4kg of fabric- a child’s t-shirt is approximately 50g. You will need to purchase your own salt and soda ash (easily and cheaply available from the supermarket). You will also receive a PDF via email containing comprehensive instructions for use in tub and direct dyeing on cellulose-based fabrics.

PA312933 Example of colours

$35.00, including postage within Australia. Contact me if you’d like one. Then upload some pictures of what you’ve done with it-I do like to see a bit of showing off.

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