Thursday, November 8, 2012

October Orders

  Well, luckily I had three very lovely customers who were quite understanding of the delay caused by my son breaking his leg, then falling prey to every germ going around! I had only listed two packs, thinking that would keep me busy enough, but agreed to a third thinking I had plenty of time-then of course, Murphy’s Law kicked in and they took me over three weeks to complete.

  First up, there was a pack for a mum-to-be, who wanted the basics to begin with and will add to this when she has her babe and can see whether she can buy pink……….a dozen Easyflats, four OSFM covers and a pack of mini wipes.


  Next up, a pack for a terry flats user (who has apparently heard that Pepper covers are the best ones to use over flats-flattered!) Eight covers should do it for her little boy.


  And lastly, extreme girliness-five OSFM pockets with trifolds.


  More custom order slots will be available during my November sale, which will run from the 12th-19th of November. And hopefully this month things will run a little smoother!

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