Friday, November 9, 2012

November’s Store Stocking

  Can you tell from the following i’m not feeling eloquent? Sorry, it’s been a really loooong few weeks. But now my son is past his weekly orthopaedic appointments (with the three hour return trip for them), and is pain-free enough to sleep through the night, I should be able to recover some brain power.

  Time for the second of my monthly stockings! This month, i’ll be open for business from the 12th-19th of November. As before, there’s lots of OSFM pockets and covers, as well as Easyflats, trifolds, raw silk liners and all the other essentials you need for cloth nappying.

Group 2

  I’ve also been taking advantage of the mild weather here to get outside and do some more dyeing-as a result, there’s a whole slew of brand-new items for your perusal. What’s left after my kids raided the pile, anyway-they’ve been going out dressed like rainbows, and getting many compliments about it!


  There’s also dye packs, and don’t forget the twirly skirts-they’re perfect with a tie-dyed t-shirt. I’m also listing two bulk pack slots this month.

  Everything is up now for previewing, and when the listings appear with them on Monday morning, you’re able to purchase. Enjoy!

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