Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Grandfatherly Subversion

  I get complaints from customers that their parents or in-laws just aren’t into cloth nappies, and want them to use disposables. I’m nearly thirty, and disposables were available when I was a baby, so I suppose it’s not surprising-many of today’s grandparents didn’t use cloth. Or if they did, they may have been looking longingly at the ‘easier’ option, and splurging on disposables for holidays and special occasions.


  The intended recipient of this pack can’t say that though-because her father bought it for her! A long-time devotee of alternative living, when he asked her whether she was using cloth and she said no, he was horrified. Then he met me, found out about modern cloth, and bought these. I’m still waiting to see him and hear back about how they were received……

1. “Geez Dad, these are great! I want more-thanks for finding them for me!”

2. “Dad, it’s my baby, and I wish you’d just butt out-I don’t want to use those icky things".

  Incidentally, this is the third time a prospective grandfather has bought from me-the other two were from markets. Which is a lesson to me, as when the first approached my stall I was polite as always, but never thought he’d buy! Ten minutes and $150 later I ate my hat. And always remembered afterwards that customers can turn up in unlikely disguises.

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