Monday, October 8, 2012

Store open, 8th-15th October 2012

  Time for my first proper stocking in, oh, about two years! I’ve been working from orders via a waiting list for so long now, but it’s time to offer some buy-right-now stuff.

  And to make it extra cool, i’m beginning to sell tie-dye today!



And another online newbie, my twirly whirly skirts. These are nearly a full circle skirt with a yoke for modesty and a more streamlined fit. There’s only a select few of these, ready for summer and twirling through the grass.



I’ve also got piles of my OSFM pockets and covers, Easyflats, trifolds, wipes, raw silk liners-everything you need in all the colours of the rainbow.

Group 1


  Plus I have a select few custom spots, for those who would like to build their own tailored bulk packs.


  Everything is up for preview now, and will be available to purchase as soon as I get the details in. So best I start typing!

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