Monday, October 1, 2012

The new opening schedule

  As i’ve mentioned recently, life is busy right now. But I would still like to work. So here’s the plan.

  I will be open for one week per month. I will list the products I have in a Facebook album, for sale. I did look at shopping carts, but argh! Too complicated! There will also be a couple of options for custom products, bulk packs etc depending on how much spare time I have at that moment. Purchasing instructions will be listed clearly, and it will be straightforward. For the rest of the month I will be closed, and taking no orders and sending no products.

  Basically i’m moving from a system where you can order whatever you like, to one where i’m selling mostly completed products, with a few options to make up your own packs. This means i’m not going to have a meltdown trying to coordinate eight orders PLUS study and life in general! And I only really have to be in work mode for one week a month-sure i’ll be sewing during the rest of the month, but if it gets delayed it doesn’t matter.

  The first week will be next week-beginning Monday the 8th October and ending Monday 15th October. I’ll have plenty available-covers, pockets, Easyflats and trifolds, as well as a few other bits and pieces………….some knitteds, maybe a few skirts and pants. Time to dig through my boxes of goodies and get photographing!

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