Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Settling in-and my first Mount Gambier market.

  First up, I will be at the Mount Gambier library markets this weekend, April 8th (Easter Sunday), from 10am-2pm. So much more reasonable hours than the 6am starts in Queensland! The library markets are strictly and exclusively made up of locally handmade and grown products, and there’s a fantastic range. I’ll be outside, in the group opposite the library’s main entrance (under the awning of the yellow building-I can’t remember what it houses!) I’ll have lots of nappies, lots of knitted toys and clothes (courtesy of my nanna), and possibly some bright and funky twirly skirts, depending on how much time I get this week to finish them off, with a birthday to do………no tie-dye though, as i’m still awaiting my dye order. Next time!

  The removalists came and went….and I spent the entirety of last week unpacking, cleaning and washing. It was horrible. But now, apart from some organisation (like my rearranging of bookshelfs by subject), everything is done.

  One thing that nearly got me into trouble was the sheer amount of stuff in my new sewing room. The husband was somewhat displeased to see how many bags and boxes I had stacked in there. The photos below don’t include my cupboards, tables or machines. I had to reluctantly agree that maybe, just maybe, I have a little bit too much stuff.


    Luckily, (mostly) unpacked it looks a lot more reasonable.And the husband has agreed that for a business/hobby/clothes supply it is acceptable (although I don’t think i’ll be able to sneak any more chenille blankets in without a major sewing blitz of the existing ones).

  Off to do the final tidying of shelves and bench, ready for the girls to charge in with their sewing projects and mess it up again. Sigh.

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