Thursday, April 12, 2012

Library Markets

  I had a ball-this market has one of the best vibes of any i’ve been to. The visitors and stallholders were friendly, I met lots of lovely new people………and I even have photos of my teeny stall. P4081722 P4081723

And me…….I actually managed to force the husband into taking a photo. In public. Because that’s such an embarrassing thing to do, isn’t it husband? (Hence lack of looking at camera etc-he snapped and ran.)


  I haven’t booked in for next month, as i’m in sew-for-winter mode so we don’t all freeze to death in this new climate. However, hopefully i’ll be there-and if I am, I may have my twirly-whirly-girly skirts finished up. But I am known for being optimistic about how much time I have, so maybe not too!


Tamara Kelly said...

Noice! Would you believe Skye's bum at 2 years old is still able to squeeze into those tiny premmie covers you made for her?

Kelly said...

I would believe that, the skinny little thing!


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