Saturday, March 17, 2012

Back in business!

After seven months in a tent, travelling around our beautiful country in a rather eclectic fashion, I am back in a house with real walls and running water, and many other such luxuries. In South Australia! Barely, anyway-we’re in Mount Gambier for a while.

In two weeks or so I will have my belongings back too (couches! a real bed!), and will be able to get back into sewing. It’s the thing i’ve most missed, and i’ve already laid down the law-if we go travelling again, my sewing machine is coming with us. The husband says he’ll gladly take it along, if only so he doesn’t have to listen to my whingeing.

Of course, this means Pepper Place will now be open for business again, after our nearly nine month break. I’ll be sending out a newsletter soon detailing pre-orders and the details of my very first local market appearance-sign up on the sidebar if you haven’t already.

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