Saturday, September 10, 2011

Update-Where am I?!

  My apologies for not updating this blog-very naughty of me, being a business blog and all.

I am currently not trading-mainly, because I don't have my stuff! We packed up our house two months ago, ready for a trip interstate to visit family, planning to head back up to Queensland and move back onto our acreage. Then it sold. Which is absolutely awesome, as it had been on the market for over a year, but it's thrown our plans out completely!

  As we had no idea where to move to, we've decided to grab this opportunity and do some travelling-us and five kids under 8 in a tent, should be bliss! Right now we've got no idea where we're going, where we're going to end up or how long we're going to be. Kind of scary, but really exciting.

  So for now, I am most definitely on holiday, and i'll let you all know when I make it back-wherever I make it 'back' to!


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