Monday, July 5, 2010

Pepper Place-Inducing early births in customers

Well, I stuck to my 38-week deadline for this one, after my last full-stash order that went early. But the customer still beat me to it, and had the baby the day before I was scheduled to drop the order off. I think it’s time to aim even earlier! I tend to forget people regularly have babies before 39 weeks as all five of mine came after that, even my twins.
For this order I made something completely new. The request was for 30 bamboo flats, but after making my son a couple of traditional 60x60cm bamboo squares to trial I decided they were OK, but could be improved on.  So I improved on them-it’s sort of a smaller version of a flat in a double layer of bamboo fabrics. Heavyweight fleece on one side for absorbency and stability, and terry to give softness and the ability to use a Snappi. Expect to see a competition soonish to name them, because i’m stumped on what exactly to call them. They are, of course, one-size.
Pepper bamboo flats
Six Pepper OSFM covers to go over the bamboo-sorta-flat-thingummys. Note two rainbow covers-this customer decided to order from me when she saw my son running around in a park in one of his rainbow nappies and fell in love with them. How’s that for effortless marketing? :P
6x pepper osfm covers
30 Pepper mini cloth wipes, in cotton velour, bamboo velour and flannelette in lots of different patterns and colours.
Pepper mini cloth wipes
And a wetbag in a rather suitable cotton outer print.
Pepper wetbag
Thanks for the order J! Hope it’s all getting a good workout and you’ve settled into your new role comfortably. It was great working with you.

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