Saturday, May 1, 2010

When events conspire against me

I received a large order a while back, and it all went nice and easy. Everything was ready, i'd received the last payment, I just needed the address. Address? Please give me your address! But she had disappeared...............Meanwhile it was raining heavily at my place and I had to make my last journey out for supplies without sending the order.

Of course, she had disappeared to have the baby-early. So the bag of nappies and covers sat here for the entire six days that I was flooded in, unable to go anywhere. Moral of the story? Get the address FIRST! This is something I will now include in all lay-by setups.

So, the order. As well as four run-of-the-mill prints, I also made these gorgeous two. The orange velvet PUL one nearly didn't leave, I loved it so much. The hibiscus is lycra PUL. Both were gorgeously soft and stretchy while still being trim.
 Anyone can order custom outers, it's one of the perks of buying from someone who makes items individually-your imagination (and sometimes reality) are your only limit. These two fabrics are both from Wrigglebots.

 Here is the baby in question, who couldn't wait to see what was in store for her in the outside world-which has turned out to be lots and lots of minky. ; ) And a really spunky name-welcome little Philomena, around six weeks old here.

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