Saturday, May 8, 2010

Pocket Stocking Delayed

  Well, I got all excited last week-the sewing was going well, lots of stuff was getting done, and I decided the pile of Pepper Pockets here would be all ready to go by tomorrow, so I announced a stocking on Facebook.

Here's the point where you laugh at my presumptions.

Of course, then everything went wrong. My gummy toddler has decided that now would be a marvelous time to finally grow some teeth, including four molars at once, and that he'd rather not sleep while he's working on it. My overlocker, which I have never gotten along with, has been throwing so many tantrums it's made me throw quite a few tantrums. Really spectacular tantrums-my kids are impressed that I can perform as well as they when provoked. And so time ran away from me.

I sat down tonight and worked for an hour and realised that i'd only be able to get it all done if I stayed up until the wee hours. Other sewists will know that that is a really bad idea, it's amazing how badly you can hash something up when you're tired and under pressure. So i've postponed the stocking, and this time will only set a date when everything is sewn, photographed and uploaded.

Hopefully next weekend (but don't say that out loud, or something else will go wrong!)

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