Thursday, July 1, 2010

Moving time!

Well, after a busy few weeks, including a near-sellout pocket stocking (four out of five sold within the hour, woohoo!) i'm up for another busy week-i've just found out today that we move house on Saturday. Short notice, but we didn't want to sit around waiting another week!

It shouldn't disrupt things too much-we still own our property so there's no mad rush to get out and get it ready for the next owners. In fact, I should be able to up production pretty substantially-especially as i'll have my very own sewing room. I haven't had that for over two years, and as that was in Tasmania and as the room was in sub-zero temperatures a lot of the time, that doesn't count.

Now, back to organising for it! I won't have internet on there for a while so I won't be online as much (a completely positive thing!) so replies may be delayed, but they will come.

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