Thursday, April 22, 2010


Late last year I decided that this year i'd save my market efforts for events targeting the 'right' sort of crowd. The standard markets are OK, but most people are there for cheap vegies and a quick browse at the rest. The ecoWeekend was the first greenie event, and it seems as if my decision was a good one.

I've just finished the small orders I received, I have demos booked and gift registires set up, and I generally had a really good time. The traffic was slow but steady, giving me lots of time to really talk to people-mainly about nappies, but also about a huge range of DIY, self-sufficiency topics. Well worth if financially, and definitely well worth it for entertainment-I don't think i'd have cared if I didn't sell a thing! No pics of the stall unfortunately as my camera is still getting fixed, but it looked great-if I do say so myself! The time spent on presentation and organisation really seems to have paid off.

There are some great programs happening in the Bundaberg area that are worth checking out
Low Carbon Diet-find easy ways to reduce your emissions, save money and support local business (and win great prizes!)
Solar Hot Water Bulk Buy-Air Solar Bundaberg is coordinating a bulk buy of solar hot water systems to save participants big $$$$.
SustainaBundy-the local transitions town group. Discover and support everything local to revitalise and strengthen Bundaberg and the local area.

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