Saturday, April 10, 2010

ecoWeekend, CQU campus, Bundaberg, 17th-18th April

Well, I have been pulled out of my little holiday with notice of the ecoWeekend occurring! This is something I expressed interest in a few months back and i'm really happy to see it happening. And with the news coverage it's been getting hopefully it will be big-if you're in the area, make sure you come along! I may even be doing a talk there, eek. It's been years since i've done any public speaking!

I whipped up a wetbag for display today in some suitably eco fabric-it's an information event, so it's a great excuse to get full demonstration stock of everything I make, especially the stuff that has been tested and made by request yet not sold online due to lack of time! Please excuse the terrible picture, my camera is off being fixed so I had to make do with the video camera.

So now just to finish off the rest-what an excellent excuse to get back into it.

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