Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Nappy Hunt Solutions.

And another hunt is over. My clues were pretty easy really-I hate to think of people cursing and swearing at my site, I see it as all being for the fun of it! So although with 632 finds I don’t think anyone needs me to solve it for them, here it is. Basically there was a word in each passage that pointed to the next page to visit.

The hunt began with this clue, which readers will know is in the nasty Snowman's cottage with Goldilocks and the Three Bears-
  They all knew now what Moon-Face’s plan was. He meant to make the room so hot that the Magic Snowman would melt. Clever old Moon-Face! A little trickle of water began to run from the Snowman’s broad white back, which was near the fire. Moon-Face pointed to it secretly and grinned.
The word fire sent you to the Flames nappy cover page, where you found this clue, based on the poor old, hard of hearing Saucpan Man, who is always mishearing in the funniest ways!
  “Smile?” said Saucepan, going suddenly deaf again. “I am smiling. Look!”
  “That’s a grin, not a smile!” said Jo, as he saw Saucepan smiling from ear to ear.   “Now don’t get into any more TROUBLE!”
  “Bubble? Where’s a bubble?” said Saucepan, looking all round. “I didn’t see anyone blowing bubbles.”
Which was quite simple-the Liquid Bubbles nappy cover, where the Angry Pixie yet again got sick of people peeping in his window-Connie really should have listened to her cousins warning!

He shot to his feet, picked up the enormous ink-pot and rushed to his window. He opened it and yelled loudly:
  “Peeping again! Everybody peeps in at my window, everybody! I won’t have it! I really won’t have it.”
  He emptied the ink-pot all over the alarmed Connie. The ink fell in big spots on her frock, and on her cheek and hands. She was in a terrible mess.

And this one took you to the icon, on the Dotty Spotty OSFM nappy cover page.

Thanks for hunting, and I hope you enjoyed it! I'll leave it up for another day or two, in case anyone wants to run through it.

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