Thursday, April 22, 2010


Pepper OSFM Pockets have been such a long time coming-I think I sent out the very first lot of testers when I was heavily pregnant with my now 15 month old son. But i'm on WAHM speed here, which can be very snail-like. I finalised them a few months back, but have been busy enough with the Pepper Covers, five children, 62 get my drift.

 dodgy phone pic-I miss my real camera!

I had to prepare some for the ecoWeekend though, so I thought I may as well carry on the mojo and make some for online listing this week, so I knuckled down and started them today, until the lovely weather enticed me outside to play.

But before that I realised my son has nothing in this print-literally, nothing at all. How did this oversight happen?!?!? No worry, it was fixed in time for his nap. Weird angle I know, but we have a non-identifying rule for online pictures of our kids (which makes things really difficult when I have cute models and can't use them, trust me!)

I have promised to have them listed within a fortnight-watch one of my kids break a bone or something now :P

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