Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pepper Covers

Pepper Covers are a one-size nappy cover. 10 pairs of snaps across the waist give you maximum adjustability, and the three-level rise enables you to set the perfect length and leg fit for your child. The top row of snaps is close to the top, enabling it to sit snugly against your child’s skin, preventing leaks. The crotch is wide enough to fit  over a traditional terry flat nappy, but the fabrics are trim enough to give a slim fit over even the smallest modern cloth nappy. The leg elastic is internally cased, to allow for a soft, snug fit without red lines and irritation.

funkadelic lycra PUL cover Measurements


Rise 32-37-42cm

Crotch width-13cm

OSFM, Approximately 3.5-17kgs

Outers are predominantly polyester PUL (no wicking there) or a hidden layer of PUL with an outer of a polyester fabric such as minky, fleece or faux fur. Inners are suedecloth, for its trimness and stay-dry feel. Snaps are hidden and reinforced, for comfort and strength.

funkadelic lycra PUL OSFM cover As always, only the best quality fabrics and notions have been used. Your PUL will remain waterproof, the threads won't fray and snap, your suedecloth won't pill. The leg elastic is enclosed in an internal casing for a neat look which is also long lasting. After all, the last thing you want is a nappy that was intended to last years wear out after months.

As with all Pepper products they are handmade in Queensland.

Want to order some, or find out more? Contact me here.

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