Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Another wee one all set up

  No pun intended, honestly!


30 Easyflats, 7 OSFM covers, and 2 raw silk liners. And my cutting table really is spotlessly clean-just very well used.

As well as doing the orders that come in i’ve been stocking up my boxes, obsessively clearing my cupboards of fabrics and stacking up lots of finished product. This means I can do any size market at the drop of a hat, and it turns orders like this from a big job to a small one-I already had four of these covers and 16 Easyflats all completed. This has made such a difference in stress levels-now it’s ‘what stress?!’

  More order pics are coming, i’ve been too busy manically sewing to keep up with the housekeeping.


~ : Mama Koala : ~ said...

They look so lovely. I love flat stacks! And those covers are so sweet.

Kelly said...


Aren't flat stacks gorgeous?! There's something about a pristine pile of whiteness which seems so perfect.


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