Saturday, April 9, 2011

Preparing for nighttime

  This is the first time i’ve made night covers for a long time. It was a request from a regular customer, who i’m always happy to accommodate. Three covers to go over the three Mandy Mac Purple Nights purchased on crazy-sale. These are minky or fleece outers, with an inner of Malden Mills 200wt fleece-so not waterproof but water resistant. I’ve always found this preferable to PUL overnight-the fleece breathes much better, and i’d rather it compression leak if sodden than have my child wearing the equivalent of a water balloon on their bum. DSCF7605  

Rear view on my two year old, with the MMPN underneath (and yes, of course he had undies on, and is completely toilet-trained!)


And to show just how big they go, the side view on my 17kg six year old. Yes, 17kg-I have petite girls!


I imagine these would easily fit from at least 6kgs until five years of age-and I may just have to test them to find out. If you have a child of about 5kgs and you’re interested, or a child of 20kgs+ please get in contact with me!

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