Monday, January 10, 2011


Easyflats are one of the most affordable way to get into modern cloth. Like a flat nappy but smaller and easier to fold, like a prefold but without the extra strip that limits versatility, these will fit your child in many ways all their nappied life.
Pepper easyflats
They consist of one layer of heavyweight bamboo fleece (70% bamboo/30% organic cotton) and one layer of Snappiable bamboo terry (90% bamboo/10% polyester), and measure 35 x 40cm. They can be folded in all the regular prefold folds, used as pocket stuffers in medium/large sizes, and two will last most children overnight with a wool or fleece cover. The absorbency test rated them at 210mL.

TIP: Buy a set of Easyflats with around 8-10 Pepper Pockets when your child is a newborn and use the pocket as a cover for the smaller sizing, for super-strength mess containment. When your child is around 6-8 months order a few more pockets and you have an easy to use, quick drying stash with no wasted parts!
They also hold dye really well, making it very easy for you to personalise your stash. DSCF6359
Single $13
6 pack $74 (save $4)
12 pack $142 (save $14)
24 pack $275 (save $37!)
Orders can be made via email-right here!

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