Thursday, September 2, 2010

More stock

I’m all settled in and set up in my new house now, and one of my first goals is to have a regular addition of stock online. The custom ordering system is working beautifully, especially for those wanting to make bulk orders, but I do realise a lot of people just want to go and buy something that’s in stock, completed and ready to send, so i’m working on pleasing them next. But i've also had too many issues with my website so am very tempted to ditch it..........i'll decide work out what to do eventually!

So i’m listing some pockets i’ve finished-right now! Gorgeously soft minky ones with a hidden layer of Fabrite PUL. I have terrible trouble getting accurate colours in my photos-the first is a rich chocolate colour with textured lines, the second a pale apple green.
DSCF5929 DSCF5940
A butterfly poly PUL one, that was supposed to get put up with my first pocket stocking, but got mysteriously lost in my stock box.DSCF5935
Some more completed mini wipes, in new prints.argyle wipes train wipes pig wipes

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