Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Changes Afoot

After much thought, I finally came to a decision last week-the website must go. So it’s gone.
Why? Basically, because barely anyone uses the shopping cart. This is mostly my fault, as if I had regular uploads of newly completed stock i’m sure it would be worth it. But i’m too busy making email orders to keep the website fresh and constantly changing, so it’s been hanging around neglected for quite some time now. A neglected website seems to be worse for business than none (the thinking being ‘Nothing ever changes here-there must be nothing worth buying’). So now I have no website. How to buy now? See the box on the screen to your right, which details the process and gives you all the links you need to order whatever you like. It’s the way 95% of people were ordering anyway!
This has also given me a kick in the pants to do what i’ve always wanted to do-go local. This wasn’t particularly possible at my last house, being way out bush. But now I can spend more time getting out there, going to markets, doing advocacy events and demonstrations. And talking to people. Which i’ve always much preferred to typing to people. Ditching the website and all of it’s related work is also allowing me to do a lot more of the most important thing-sewing. After all a pretty website is of no use if there’s nothing to put on it!
I haven’t ruled out the possibility of taking an occasional shop on a congo/mall, but for now i’m breathing a sigh of relief that I no longer have a shop nagging at me to primp it up, and all I have to do is come up with the occasional Facebook status update and blog post. And tutorial! Because I like them.
Hopefully everyone is content with the changes-I know it’s abnormal, and a website with fully integrated shopping cart is a ‘must-have’-but i’ve always been partial to going a different way from the crowd, and there’s no point in changing now!


Tamara Kelly said...

YAY!!! More time to do what you want to do!

Kelly said...

And that's the whole point of it all, isn't it?


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