Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Nappying a mini baby

****I hope to develop and test this pattern more to cater for the rather specialised group of babies born -however it can be hard to find testers of this size in time to get the cover to them! If you may be able to help (for example you’re pregnant with multiples or have a history or a high likelihood of small or premature babies) contact me to discuss testing this pattern for me.****
I have trouble getting my head around just how small some babies can be-after all, the smallest of my five was 6lb 2oz, and she’s a twin!
When Skye was born, weighing in the low 5lbs range (full-term and single, just petite), it was obvious she didn’t qualify in the ‘most’, in my one-size-fits-most sizing. They didn’t come close to fitting snugly around her little chicken legs!
So first up I made a cover using a pattern i’d drafted for my newborn son. With him being  what we called an ‘instant toddler’ at 9lb 6ozs even this was too big for her.Skye newborn cover
Skye newborn cover 2
So this one was even smaller-the sort of thing I look at and think would never fit a real child, surely they don’t come that small?!pepper newborn cover
But they do-it fitted her beautifully until she reached about 6kgs.RIMG0016
Gorgeousness. RIMG0026
If you have a child this small and want to cloth them, it’s still doable. And can actually be much better than disposables, based on discussions i’ve had with parents of premmie and multiple babies who have found extra small disposables almost impossible to come across, prone to leakage and extremely expensive. Flannelette flats can be folded trimly and are bought very cheaply, to get you through the first few months. And hopefully in the near future i’ll have a dependable, fully tested cover ready to go over them.

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