Saturday, July 24, 2010

Emergency night nappy

Due to the recent move, we’ve been cleaning out. And one area that definitely needed an overhaul was the nappy stash-our tendency to use everything until it is well and truly dead meant we had way too many nappies with dead elastic, worn PUL, and honeycombed inserts.

My over-enthusiastic clearing out meant that my son went to bed tonight in his very last clean, dry nappy. He is 20 months old and has never worn a disposable, and he isn’t going to begin tonight. Hence, some last-minute sewing.

The result? A woolen pocket nappy from a well-felted old woolen blanket.

wool pocket nappy


The inner is suedecloth (natural inners don’t work well on him) with a welt-style pocket opening. This type of opening is growing on me-it took long enough for me to work out, based on how to do a welt pocket opening in a sewing book of mine.


And two seconds Pepper trifolds to stuff-the overlocker was playing up on these, back before it had it’s service and broken stuff was discovered and fixed. I hate unpicking overlocking, so they’ve been sitting there for months-tonight was a good excuse to just go over the dodgy bits.


So tonight my youngest will be clothed up and comfy. I often wonder just how people do without knowing how to sew, with all the things I end up having to make or mend-but then I suppose they get the fun of buying stuff, which I definitely don’t get enough of!

If anyone knows where I can get some quality new woolen fabric from please let me know-this is the second one i’ve made and they work like a dream. I’d love to get the whole testing process begun for them.

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