Saturday, August 2, 2014

Shutting up shop indefinitely

  Big announcement time huh? To cut a complicated story short, i've started a nursing degree, full-time externally. And i'm really, really enjoying it. I've wanted to go back to study for years, i'm a big geek and am insanely happy with my head in a textbook. But six weeks in and i've realised i'm really not going to be able to 'do it all'-so Pepper Place has to stop. It's a painful realisation, after seven years, but i've been putting it last for quite a while now-better to not do it at all than do it as haphazardly as I have been.

  So that's it-thankyou to everyone who has supported me over the last seven years. If you have questions about the tutorials etc i've posted here please feel free to ask, but I won't be making anything to sell. Goodbye!

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