Thursday, March 27, 2014

Hand-dyed, newborn fitted nappies now available!

  Newborn nappies are a project I started on, then put aside for um, six years. Recently I had the urge to pull my old patterns out and finish it all off-maybe it’s due to the fact that friends seem to be having babies and announcing pregnancies left, right, and centre. Now, I have a gorgeous selection of low-water immersion dyed bamboo fitteds available on Etsy.


  From start to finish these were handmade with the utmost care-from pattern design and fabric choices, through to sewing and dyeing, making them eminently suitable to use on your precious new addition.

  The nappy is made from heavyweight bamboo fleece (80% bamboo/20% organic cotton) to give a silky soft feel with high absorbency. The outer fitted is double-layered, with a triple-layered contoured lay-in booster. The hip snap design leaves no bulk over their belly-button while being easy to change on a wriggly, frog-like baby. Leg ruffles and a high back give extra security against leaks. More absorbency can be added to the nappy if you're lucky enough to have a baby who sleeps long enough to need it!

tie dyed newborn bamboo cloth nappies diapers14

  After sewing is complete, each nappy is hand-dyed in fibre-reactive dyes, meaning every nappy is unique. As a bonus, after their thorough washing they're ready to wear straightaway, with no prewashing or other preparation needed.

  As the nappy is entirely absorbent, it will require a cover or more regular changing. My OSFM pocket nappies and covers in my Etsy shop can be used successfully over these fitted nappies, and I also stock pure wool, handknit longies that I sell at a bricks 'n' mortar store, as well as raw silk liners-if you're interested in these, please contact me for details.



Narrowest Crotch Width (excluding ruffles)-9cm


tie dyed newborn bamboo cloth nappies diapers08  

  A note about umbilical cord scoops-The omission of an umbilical cord scoop was, like every other aspect of my designs, carefully considered. The majority of users I asked found cord scoops to be awkward, bulky, and generally superfluous-keeping the nappy looser around the waist until the cord fell off was seen to be just as effective. As always, I have decided to keep things as simple and streamlined as possible, and so have not included a scoop.

  You can see all of the colourways currently available on my Etsy store, and there will be more direct-dyed nappies listed in the next few weeks. Enjoy!

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