Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Grafton Legacy Markets

  After booking an outside stall, I was very relieved to wake up to a clear sky after a rainy day before! Here are some pictures.


The husband doing the usual, taking a picture of me without telling me. One day he might remember to tell me to look and smile!


Notice the wet bitumen left over from the day before? Very glad it cleared!




The nappy table.


Fitted nappies and my nanna’s knitted toys. They were extremely popular.


Nanna’s knitted kids clothes, and my tie-dyed towels and facewashers, with a rack of more dyed clothes above.


  And although you can’t see them clearly here, the front of the table belongs to my entrepreneur daughter, all of nine years old. She’s been selling sewn treasure bags at markets for a year or so now, and branched out at this market into crocheted dishcloths. Sadly, there were no dishcloth buyers this time although dozens of people complimented her on her crocheting (she made another while we were there).

  Although I had a good day, I felt wrecked by the time I got home. Markets are so much work! Up at 5.15am getting ready, milking goats, driving, setting up, being on my best behaviour all day, packing up, driving, unpacking………… was such a huge day. Luckily the crafty markets are not very often up this way-it’s a blessing in disguise!


Deanne Langford said...

At least you have photos of yourself, I have some of my stall, but never think to get any of myself! I think I am still in recovery mode- I am always so busy the last couple of weeks before a market, that it takes me a while to get over it all- I definitely couldn't do it monthly!

Kelly said...

Oh, it's such hard work isn't it! And I still underestimate the time it takes after all of these years-i'll take a pic of you next time :)


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