Saturday, July 14, 2012

Moving/travelling clearance sale

  After six months of stability we’re off again! The lure of the tent (and warmer climes) is too great, so we’re off to Tasmania for a few months to tie up our loose ends, then we’re meandering up north until we find a place we can, hopefully, settle for good. I’m crossing my fingers, anyway.

  I was going to take my stock with me, and my sewing gear, and carry on trading, but have decided to travel light and unencumbered-so within a fortnight everything will be packed into storage. Until then, i’m going to do my best to reduce the amount of it-less packing is good, right?


 Until the 22nd of July, i’m taking
-20% off wipes and raw silk liners (now $6.40 for five, and $2.40 each respectively).
-15% off Easyflats and trifolds (yes, even bulk packs!)
-10% off all of my OSFM pocket nappies and covers (see my albums for fabrics/prices)

To make your order, simply list what you'd like and email me here.

I’m also clearing out my cute cotton/hemp fitteds I take to market-usually $17, they’re now only $12. Each has an outer of cotton print fabric, a hidden and inner layer of cotton flannelette, a hidden three layer soaker of hemp/organic cotton, plus a lay-in booster of three layers of hemp/organic cotton topped with microfleece. Total bargain! The top two rows are medium, the lower large. As you can see, the unisex are always the first to go!


And lastly, there’s my nanna’s gorgeous knits, at 10% off. I can’t take too much off these, they’re a bargain already! Prices listed are full prices.
Fireman $20-Superman $17-Pig $15-Puss in boots $22
Nurse $20-Large upside down doll $30-Small upside down doll $25-Humpty Dumpty $30-Bobby $20
Toys are all easy wash, acrylic wool with polyester stuffing.


Pure wool longies-the smaller two are 12-18m, the larger 18-24m $30.
Waist elastic will be hand-cased to your measurements, or to standard sizing if requested.

  There is a small catch-I have very limited time, so will only be able to do a small amount of sewing if orders should contain something that isn’t finished. After that, I will have to refuse orders that require me to make up nappies, or suggest alternatives that are already made up. I do have a lot of stock, so it shouldn’t be an issue-but please be aware that I haven’t made one of everything, and if you order closer to the closing date your choice may be sold out. So if you’re going to order, please don’t dilly-dally! All orders will be given priority by the order they’re received, so first in, best dressed.

  As always, postage is Australia Post cost-if you’d like registered, please note that. And to order, email me here. I am rather busy packing around five children, so it may be a few days before I get back to you. But as you’re all busy mums yourselves, i’m sure you’ll be fine with that (which is why I love dealing with you all!)


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