Friday, June 29, 2012

Welcome to the Pepper Place sweatshop

  You would think that with the husband having ten days off, we’d have been doing a bit of relaxing. But apart from climbing Mount Schank it’s been nose to the grindstone. The benefits of having a home business!

  Some of you may know that my husband cuts for Pepper Place, as well as assisting with snapping, clipping, thread trimming and other duties that don’t involve touching a machine. And when I gave him the task recently of cutting all of the nappy fabric I had stashed in my storeroom, in the form of a huge itemised list, he took it as a personal challenge and finished in a very short span of time.

P5181802 57 pocket inners

  He then started organising stacks of tasks for me. Every evening he’d pull out something, and announce ‘Tomorrow, you need to do 20 pocket openings’ or ‘sew around 15 covers’. And when i’d finished that he’d have something else ready for me. Meanwhile he’s taken care of most of the housework and cooking, not to mention the parenting, so I have no excuse whatsoever to get up from my machines. He’s even delivered cups of tea at regular intervals!

P6201932 The only view my kids had of me for a whole week 

As a result i’ve gotten an astonishing amount done. I actually finally have a really decent amount of stock on hand. I have two boxes of pockets and covers completed, and a shelf full of more in the cupboard in various states of half-doneness. My problem since i’ve gotten here and become full-time parent is that I haven’t had the time to do both the marketing and then fill the resulting orders without having a meltdown, so i’ve kept quiet on the marketing front and concentrated on getting stock made. Only having 1-2 orders at a time trickling in is much easier to handle than juggling 6-8, which was the standard amount before we left Queensland last June!

P6201934A very impressive cupboard, with over 80 nappies in various stages

P6201936Beautiful results! 

  As it looks like we’re facing another interstate move next month though, I might have to remain quiet on the marketing until we get there-as expert as we are at packing, it still takes a fair chunk of time!

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