Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Girl-ing up the stash

   A previous customer had hedged her bets, buying a unisex stash until she had her baby. Now the little girl is here it was time to add some pink. There’s another 6 Easyflats, two pockets, three covers, five wipes and six shaped boosters.


  My seven year old daughter also solved a small problem i’ve always had with packaging-namely, that I find it incredibly silly and refuse to buy packaging for my products as I believe it just creates more waste (not to mention upping the price for customers). What could be sillier around a cloth nappy?!?! However, my daughter came up with the idea of tying up items like wipes, and the shaped boosters below, with strips cut from my scrap fabric. Now that I can do, happily. I used to just tuck smaller items inside a pocket or cover to stop them sloshing around in the Postpaks, but this is much nicer. Thanks daughter!


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