Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The sizing system

  One of the key components in a one-size nappy is the rise-the length of the nappy from front to back. A toddler nappy on a newborn would go up to their armpits and gape around the legs, and a newborn nappy on a todder would show some serious butt! Being able to adjust the rise also means always having snug leg openings-vital for containment, and necessary with any child whose leg girth is out of proportion to their waist girth. This is where a one-size nappy can come in really useful if you’re starting up cloth with a toddler-if they have skinny legs, like my girls did, you can simply snap them down to a medium for a great fit.

3 step rise From left-large setting, medium and small, on Pepper Pockets.

  There are a couple of ways to do this-I use snaps on the front of the nappy. The nappy below is simply the outer cut and snapped, to show you the snaps clearly, without the elastic bunching it up.


For the large sizing, leave unfastened.

For the medium sizing, attach the snaps in the green rectangle to the snaps in the black rectangle.

For the small sizing, attach the snaps in the pink rectangle to the snaps in the black rectangle.

You don’t have to do this at every change-simply leave them fastened up until you’re ready to go up a size. You can tell when this is because the nappy will start to feel like it’s getting too tight around their thighs, and too low in front.

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