Sunday, December 26, 2010

My bigger, better sewing room (aka showing off again)

My little room was getting a bit crowded, and the kids toyroom was getting too messy. The solution was obvious-swap to give me more room and the kids less. In Queensland terms this is a sleepout-a long narrow room that’s sort of like a boxed-in veranda. I’ve been in here for about six weeks, and it’s made a big difference to the amount I can make. I’m an organisational freak, and everything here has a place and it’s in it (if the kids haven’t raided my stuff), so I can relax and just get on with it. DSCF6657

I just need a corkboard for that lovely bare wall-and the husband has nabbed some leftover cork tiles from his work to make me one. Isn’t he a dear?DSCF6648

Cutting/snapping table-our old dining table. This has been the husband’s domain as he’s taken over cutting. I would have a waiting list if it wasn’t for the useful man, I couldn’t keep up with all the orders lately by myself.DSCF6651 

A bare curtain rail has become the designated order area-orders in progress are hung here, labelled with all of their details and filled with the current progress. This is the best system, as I can see at a glance what’s the most urgent. Really big orders still need to go in the cupboard though-I tried to hang 30 EasyFlats up there and the rail nearly snapped.DSCF6652

A desk! It’s been on the to-buy list for a while because I really need a designated office area (rather than shoving receipts in a drawer and having drifts of paper covering the kitchen bench). A friend gave me this one as she didn’t want it anymore, and it’s awesome. Thanks Shelley! Maybe I can begin my bookwork for this financial year soon……….DSCF6650 

I’ve also commandeered a couch from the lounge room-this way the husband will sit and read and chat with me of an evening, which makes me happier to stay in longer and get more work done.DSCF6653

And when he wanders off there’s always Ralph-but he doesn’t talk much.DSCF6654

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