Saturday, November 20, 2010

Fabric galore

Lots of new fabrics are up and available for ordering-it’s time to clear out my fabric stash. Which i’ve been doing for the past three years or so, but it keeps getting bigger, not smaller. I’m not sure why……….

All of the fabrics are polyester, which means they’re non-absorbent. They’ll be teamed with a hidden layer of PUL for reliable waterproofing. And the bonus of this sandwich-type arrangement is that nappies made like this last even longer-the outer seems to protect the PUL and give it extra stability.

Lots of minky-mostly single cuts available, so if you like one don’t delay! My two favourites-


And fleece (as in polar fleece) and faux fur. There should be no trouble guessing what I like best from this lot. Surely you must too?


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