Monday, July 12, 2010

My sewing room

It has been over two years since i’ve had my own sewing room. At our last house it was particularly bad, due to the fact the seven of us were living in a 72sq/m house (it was on 62 acres, which made up for it somewhat).  There, my table was stuffed in between the dining table and wall and was also used as the computer/paperwork table. I had a fabric cupboard in the laundry, boxes under the bed and in an awkward corner of the kitchen……….it was definitely not conducive to a happy and productive workspace.

So you can imagine how much I am appreciating this. I found myself taking a cup of chai in there the other day so I could just sit and marvel and grin stupidly at my luck.



It’s still slightly chaotic (I can’t really justify doing any more unpacking  and organising in there while we’re eating with spoons because I can’t find the forks) but it’s such a fantastic place to be. It’s bright and airy, but with no glare due to the large awnings, and well-lit at night.  And as it’s the room the front door opens onto I have a professional space for people to come and pick up or discuss orders, with no intrusion onto home life.

And I now have TWO cupboards-I pinched the pantry from our last house and there’s built-ins here. Here’s (most of) the fabric stash.


Scraps boxes on top.

Top shelf-cottons and some knits.

2nd shelf-flannelette, cotton velour, suedecloth and cords.

3rd shelf-dress-ups fabrics for the kids, plus my eldest daughters sewing box and fabric. She’s six and keeps referring to this room as ‘our sewing room’ (that’s here in the top two photos).

Bottom shelf-fleeces, minkys and faux furs.


Misccellaneous stuff drawers and market display basket on top.

Top shelf-packaging, boxes of labels and trims and shoebox of overlocking threads.

2nd shelf-working boxes of snaps, PULs and minky cuts. The really, really EXPENSIVE shelf.

3rd shelf-I’ve lost a thingy for this shelf, so until I find it it’s wonky, so a bag of stock and Malden Mills fleece.

Bottom shelf-microfleece and more fleece, plus some chenilles and cottons.

Plus another 3 big bags and about four plastic crates of other things like bulk bamboo, PUL,  suedecloth, and clothes to repurpose, as well as a couple of boxes of yarn and crochet gear. I am REALLY looking forward to my next trip to IKEA because i’ll be able to have everything completely organised and perfectly set up.

Now, I haven’t just been unpacking. I decided to attack my UFO (unfinished objects) box. I am seriously shocked at just how much having a decent, well-organised space has improved my output after only a few days. And look, I can sew more than just nappies!


Pinwale cord/cotton drill skirt for my eldest daughter. The back is also two contrasting panels.


Pinwale cord pants for my twins to share (there was only one pair part-done in there, so share they must because it’s too late in our Queensland winter to bother with making another pair from scratch!)


And I found the outer for this cut out, so my toddler now has another pocket nappy. Which he’s in desperate need of-only having the power to run a twin-tub at our last place has destroyed all of his nappies. Now i’ve been able to pull out the automatic washing machine it’s finally worth making him some new nappies, as they won’t get wrecked.


Katrina Frampton said...

This looks just fantastic! i can understand what you mean by needing some organisation to be able to work properly! I'm a teacher and my desk is so messy at the moment that I can't even think of planning for next year's supply lessons while it is in this state. A big clean up is in order.... before I can feel even slightly creative!! Well done!!
Cheers Katrina

Kelly said...

I've actually moved into the bigger room now, i'm so greedy. I now even have our old dining table as a cutting's so decadent!


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