Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pepper Place in print!

While seeing Pepper Place in lots of places online is fun, nothing compares to seeing my business in print. The internet is a bit unreal to me, but this ad is real and tangible.
And it’s in every household in the region now, hopefully up on the wall for the entire year, as part of the local calendar. Hopefully lots of Gin Gin residents will be curious about what modern cloth nappies are, and will then of course be blown away by how fabulous they are and become instant converts! (Well, I can always dream, right?!)

Feel free to call me on the number above-I don’t publish it online because the last time I did every time I checked the messages all 427 were from people trying to sell me stuff. It may take me a couple of days (no reception at home) but I will get back to you.


MuMmARat said...

Aw good work Kel!!!!!!!

Kelly said...

Exciting, huh? :D


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