Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Can I get Pepper covers made with hook and loop fastenings?

In a word, no. Why? Well, hook and loop (H&L, trade names such as Velcro) only really has one positive, which is its speed and ease of use. However, it has the following negatives, which in my opinion far outweigh the positive.

-It doesn’t sit as well. Two rows of snaps on a cover allow for great adjustability-nice and snug around the waist, with a bit more room around the nappy if needed. H&L doesn’t give you this adjustability, with the end result usually being that the cover gapes at the waist. Coupled with the waistband on clothes sitting snugly above it this is a surefire way to leaks.
-It doesn’t wash as well. Even with washtabs H&L tends to grab lint which needs to be picked out, a very boring job.
-It ages quicker. Snaps simply last longer in my experience. Which is a huge bonus in a OSFM which may receive heavy use over multiple children.
-Kids can take it off! H&L nappies are famed for unwanted nudie bums-many a person has bought a pile of H&L nappies only to replace them coming up to their childs first birthday. Snaps are much, much harder for a child to undo.

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