Sunday, November 22, 2009

My stall setup

Admittedly, my stall was pretty dismal to begin with. I'm a perfectionist, so I find I get to a certain point then need to throw myself into things or I never do it. I'm too busy obsessing over getting it perfect to actually do it!

Each product is arranged around a laminated info sheet so you can find out everything you need at a glance-saves my voice! There's also a custom ordering area with fabric samples, and I have a photo album full of good bum shots.

I've still got a way to go-I have another tablecloth to make then will set the tables up differently. I have some pictures I had printed out at A4 size to snap to the mesh sides, but they need to be reprinted as they came out strangely coloured. And i'd love to be able to get some shelving that suits my needs, i'm sure i'll come across it eventually.

It's actually quite difficult to set up a stall-as well as looking good it has to be easy to set up and pack up, it has to fit in the car easily and I have to be able to lift it all. Which rules out nearly everything! But the above is a good start.

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