Friday, October 2, 2009

And the winners are............

A day late, but i've finally had a chance to do this! Using the old-fashioned number out of the hat method, we have the two winners (and lots of bits of paper to occupy the children).

The winner of the Blue Swirls Pepper Cover is newsletter subscriber #40.

The winner of the Pepper Cover in the print of their choice is order #15, IW from South Australia, who has chosen the very spunky rainbow print. Slighly different to the pic below as I forgot to photograph the new one-the request was for a more unisex one, so the pink is right next to one leg opening with a small amount on one tab, plus green snaps.

Congratulations! I'm contacting you both now to organise your prizes.

Thanks to everyone who bought, signed up, followed and hunted over the last month. It's been fun!



Scott & Liz said...

Kelly, I received the Blue Swirls cover today and I am totally impressed with your workmanship - it is a great quality cover and I hope to send you a pic of my little man in it soon :-)

Kelly said...

Thank you very much, glad you like it!


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